Making our own board

Making our own board
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Making our own board

We are one of the only independent companies in the South West with this capability. Making our own board for use within our own factory has provided a number of advantages for customers.

Lead time control

Board is produced on site from paper reels in a variety of grades that we hold in stock at our facility. This enables us to react quickly when customers require cardboard packaging urgently.

Cost and Supply Control

Board making also gives us greater control over costs and security of supply.  We have a well-established and heavily audited supply base.  This protects us and customers in times of high demand/high price. Making our own board also ensures we are able to produce smaller runs, to suit individual requirements.

Environmental Control

We insist that our material suppliers have FSC® certification in place where responsible sourcing and packaging types are at the forefront of business activity.  We are committed to ensuring the paper we use comes from a recycling loop or well-managed forest.

Quality Control

Making our own material reduces the steps in the supply chain.  That coupled with a stringent quality procedure makes it easier to manage both production through our factory and the relationships with our suppliers.