Media interest in the environment and the impact of packaging is increasing to the point now that paper based industries are forecasting significant growth as plastic use remains in the spotlight. Our own industry, corrugated packaging in line with this is expected to grow between 3-6% in the next few years.

We are proud to manufacture and supply products that have unsurpassed recycling rates  of over 80% compared to other packaging types in the UK.

However, there is no place for complacency and the focus here is very much on how we can remain sustainable, particularly when demand is increasing.

Why choose cardboard?

  • An 80% + recycling rate saves an area the size of Greater London going into landfill every four months.
  • It’s cost effective and light, and the options for bespoke design make it hugely adaptable to fit purpose.
  • The industry is heavily audited, especially in environmental terms.
  • Your customers and consumers are concerned about packaging waste.

Why choose us for your cardboard?

As a packaging supplier, we recognise our environmental responsibility and promote good practice throughout.

  • We have FSC® chain of custody certification. The Forestry Stewardship Council is a global, not for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.
  • We promote the use of recycled liners.
  • We have been designing, producing and delivering products from a natural resource for nearly 40 years.  Sustainability and waste reduction is integral to our business. Our own ‘Waste Not…’ campaign on our news page will tell you more about what we are able to achieve away from the delivered product.
  • Our Five Star accreditation from the Sheet Plant Association confirms our best practice for Environmental Standard and ensures impact minimisation.
  • In addition to our commitment to best practice from external bodies, we take this one stage further by adopting our own Paper Procurement Policy which defines our commitment to the Environmental Protection Act and ensures we proactively protect our planet.