Further Donations for the Ukraine Crisis

Published - 17th Mar 2022

We have been providing cardboard boxes for aid packages delivered to the Polish border with Ukraine to help with the humanitarian crisis. Our donations of boxes have been continuing over the last couple of weeks, delivering a few hundred more boxes to the ‘Help for Ukraine’ group in Taunton. Across the region, more projects are being started and a request was received by us yesterday for more boxes, from local Charity Nowzad Dogs.

Nowzad Dogs is a British-based animal welfare charity based in Tiverton. It was created by Pen Farthing, a former Royal Marines commando, after rescuing a dog he called Nowzad whilst serving in the town of Nawzad in Afghanistan.

The Nowzad charity are ready to support and resupply as many Ukrainian rescue shelters and their courageous brave staff who stayed behind to care for the animals who could not be evacuated.  Nowzad intends to create a staging post in eastern Poland where supplies and equipment will be collected before onward distribution in Ukraine once a humanitarian corridor becomes available.

We have donated 150 boxes to assist in resupplying these shelters. Information on Pens Charity can be found here Nowzad – winning the war for animals and the help for Ukraine group story is available in the local press for our region Taunton charity and residents team up to help those in need in Ukraine | Somerset County Gazette

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