Cardboard Boxes for Actiph Water; stay Sober for October

Published - 12th Oct 2023

Cardboard Boxes for Actiph Water; stay Sober for October

Are you keeping the wine in the cupboard (or its box 😉) and participating in Sober for October?

Some of our team at Rh Fibreboard are such as Sales Manager Rob Eltham.

The numerous benefits of abstaining from alcohol include improved physical and mental health, better sleep and a clearer mind.  At the other end of the scale is the importance of staying hydrated – we encourage our team to have water bottles on the shop floor and we have recently installed some water coolers in our factory to further promote this, as they go about their day producing cardboard packaging for our customers.

We have recently collaborated with Actiph Water, by supplying boxes and dividers for their range of products, and what better way to go about keeping up water intake by choosing them as your Hydration Partner.

Actiph Water is more than just a water, its an alkaline ionized water that offers several advantages for those participating in Sober October, and as a lifestyle choice beyond that.

Actiph take fresh Shropshire spring water, add a unique blend of electrolytes and ionise to remove sour tasting, acidic ions, leaving a smooth, refreshing alkaline water that helps you charge up and achieve more every day. Actiph Water is Europe’s leading alkaline ionised water, supercharged to a pH of 9+ to take your hydration to the next pH level.

Here are some of our new boxes we have made for them.  Their offices in Scotland provide an impressive backdrop with this view of Edinburgh. Also impressive was their view on the importance of sustainability to their product and brand.  Actiph Water (Europe’s leading alkaline ionized water producer) asked us to help them with their packaging, to improve their existing packaging in terms of the impact on the environment, at the same retaining the performance of their boxes and packaging. The brief was actually quite complex, with boxes being packed in a new location in Devon and some of the enhancements we wanted to help them make had been untested.  We knew that the first orders for these products tested through the distribution channels would be the best way to determine if any amends were needed.  Luckily with corrugated, it’s adaptable and a quick process to change, especially with an on-site design team like we have here at RH Fibreboard, so any modifications to designs which would require further protection could be done quickly.     Sustainability Improvements.

  1. Shipment – Actiph Water selected a ‘local’ Cardboard supplier (Us 😊) to their fulfilment partner, the existing source was nearly 300 miles away, being just 55 miles from the packing point this has ensured cardboard is not being shipped across the country unnecessarily, cutting down on scope 3 emissions, by shipping less ‘air’.
  2. Design improvement. Additional protection inside the box was required for the bottles to protect from damage in transit.   Working closely with our design team and account managers, we were able to provide solutions where no plastic-based filling, bubble wrap or foam was used for this protection.  100% recycled cardboard dividers were used in the box, which can be recycled efficiently with the outer through the normal channels.  We wee also able to offer one box to fit two bottle sizes in, by placing a cut down score at half way.  This also cut down their inventory of boxes.
Actiph water bottle
  1. Ink use reduction. Whilst Ink used on corrugated is water based and safe to compost, Actiph previously had outer boxes that had around 90% ink coverage on. Again, working closely with account managers and graphics team, our advice was that reducing the amount of ink was more cost effective, better for the environment and used less resources during production such as water and electricity.  Also, showing more of the natural material itself would send a stronger message – and taking some of the ink out of the process would retain more of the boxes strength because during production, it would not be subjected to as much moisture.
  2. Ethical material use. RH Fibreboard are FSC® Chain of custody certified, this means that the materials used support responsible forestry and a well- managed recycling loop.  The cardboard boxes and dividers we supplied to Actiph carried this certification and the FSC mix logo, letting ours and their customers know that the cardboard has been sourced and created by ethical and sustainable means.

Actiph Water now ship water to their customers with the knowledge and peace of mind that this is being done with sustainability at the heart of their procurement decision to use us.  RH Fibreboard are committed to helping you embrace sustainable designs for your packaging needs.  Our expertise in corrugated and cardboard materials enable us to create eco friendly solutions that reduce environmental impact while maintaining high quality.  By collaborating with us, you can access innovative solutions that not only protect your products but also protect our planet. Please contact us at if you would like to know more, but in the meantime don’t forget to stay hydrated 😊

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