Kicking Goat Cider – Case Study

Published - 22nd Nov 2023

James at Kicking Goat Cider contacted us to support him with packaging for a new project he was undertaking.

He had blended a refreshingly different craft cider and wanted this brand to buck the norms not just in terms of taste, but also style.

James’s plan was to launch a genuine, natural and classic styled craft cider, that feels premium, moves away from the market conventions and leaves a mark on the competition.

RH Fibreboard have now produced and developed a number of different cardboard packaging solutions for Kicking Goat Cider, ranging from bottle trays, to can boxes and also 3 bottle gift packs.

James has commented – ‘As an award winning premium cider for both liquid and brand design we needed packaging to compliment our products ; Rob and his team have consistently delivered quality and efficiency.’.

Rob Eltham, Sales Manager at RH Fibreboard said “ It has been an absolute pleasure to work with James to help develop and grow his product over the last couple of years. When James approached me at the start of this journey, I loved the idea behind the product, especially the tag-line – “All Apple, No Kidding”. We are extremely pleased to have helped with the brand and look forward to many more years working together’

Kicking Goat have won a number of Great Taste awards, and also Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies at the International Cider Challenge 2022. James has now also launched a Berry version of his cider which we hope will be every bit as successful as the traditional apple cider.

The Cardboard Carrypacks we have produced provide enough protection for glass bottles and have clever cut out windows in the front that also act as a divider to protect the glass from breaking.  Other features include a fully integrated cardboard handle – an alternative to the less sustainable option of a plastic handle and a ‘tape-free’ base construction.

The print, a red water-based and safe-to-compost ink, sits on a 100% white recycled liner – making the box renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.  A truly sustainable packaging option.

If you have any drink or food  carboard packaging requirements that we can help with, please do feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to support. Additionally, if you haven’t tried Kicking Goat Cider, we would recommend trying a bottle!

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