Labels for your Cardboard Boxes and Packaging?

Published - 26th Apr 2023

Along with requirements for boxes, often comes the need for labels either for branding or identification purposes. This is also the case where your business may be shipping different products in the same box, and it’s not economical to have several print types for your cardboard boxes and packaging.

RH Fibreboard are proud members of the Goonvean Group of companies, a collection of nine businesses each providing different products and services. Our Sister Company Dura ID is one of these businesses manufacturing labels and tags along with supplying printers and software. As part of the Manufacturing arm of the Goonvean Group, we work closely with Dura in terms of business support, supply projects with customers and information sharing. There is a lot of synergy between our businesses including a drive to provide high levels of service and offer complete bespoke product offerings within our own market places. We also work closely in the same industry sectors including Food, Horticulture, Engineering, Cosmetics/ Toiletries, Chemical, Leisure and Medical.

If you have requirement for labels and associated products, please visit their website and contact them directly through the contact us page. Alternatively if you would us to put you in touch with a member of them team, email us at

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