Nailed it! – The annual Christmas rush order challenge…

Published - 19th Dec 2018

April Meaker, Product Planning Manager at Nails inc

April Meaker, Product Planning Manager of Nails inc, said: “RH Fibreboard have saved our bacon (pigs in blankets seems more appropriate!) this Christmas, with an extremely tight turnaround of a new brief. I was in a sticky situation with a last minute 3k unit order from a customer that required specific packaging. From sending the brief on a Friday morning the outers were delivered the following Wednesday AM! The quality of the outer’s compared to our previous stock was above and beyond. I cannot thank the RH Fibreboard team enough for all of their help, especially with providing solutions to meet the timings by recommending a change from C-Flute to B-Flute, which the customer was also happy with. I will make sure to brief you earlier for Christmas 2019!”

“I am proud of the way the team has performed” said Steve Gabell, Sales Director. “This particular product was a 12 day advent based gift, and when April contacted me on the 30th of November I did see this as a challenge! I know April from a previous business, and although Nails Inc was a new customer to us – by lunch time on that day the account was open, the product was specified, and the board scheduled to be run on the Monday morning. Christmas comes every year and we anticipate rush orders because that’s what is expected of us, and pro activity is embedded in the team here. Being able to produce board in-house, having an efficient production process and a team which naturally knows how to prioritise gave me the full confidence in our ability. From our designer right through to our driver I couldn’t personally ask for more”

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