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Smart Packaging have new Owners

11 March 2024

RH Fibreboard has acquired Smart Packaging Based out of Yate, Bristol, Smart Packaging specialises in the supply of corrugated packaging for a variety of market sectors. Its packaging range includes stock and custom-made cardboard boxes along with a broad range of packaging consumables from adhesive tapes to void fill and… Read More

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The Rise of Eco-Conscious Choices: Exploring Sustainable Packaging Materials

12 January 2024

Introduction to sustainable packaging The rise of eco-conscious choices in packaging Eco-conscious choices in packaging are being driven by climate change, and this has gained momentum in the last ten years through government policies/treaties and broadcasts such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet attack on plastic pollution.  The rise of social… Read More

Focus on Rewilding: What is it and what does it do?

22 December 2023

As you may have seen, we have recently donated and supported the Sharpham Trust with their rewilding efforts.  Cardboard’s link to the environment is a strong one  –  it’s essentially derived from a natural product, its renewable, reusable and compostable and has a recycling rate of 80-90% across the UK… Read More

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A Cardboard Forest for Taunton Brewhouse

8 December 2023

In August 2023, we were approached by Dion Saunders at Art Hopper Events, about a project involving the creation of a winter cardboard forest.  The gallery is now set up in local theatre Taunton Brewhouse, and is doubling up as one of the many local ‘annual visit Santa Claus’ events… Read More

Kicking Goat Cider – Case Study

22 November 2023

James at Kicking Goat Cider contacted us to support him with packaging for a new project he was undertaking.He had blended a refreshingly different craft cider and wanted this brand to buck the norms not just in terms of taste, but also… Read More

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Cardboard Boxes for Actiph Water; stay Sober for October

12 October 2023

Cardboard Boxes for Actiph Water; stay Sober for October Are you keeping the wine in the cupboard (or its box 😉) and participating in Sober for October?Some of our team at Rh Fibreboard are such as Sales Manager Rob Eltham.The numerous benefits of abstaining from alcohol include improved physical and… Read More

RH Bigbox factory update: Cardboard milestones:

5 October 2023

This box, which holds shower components was the first one printed rotary die-cut off of the Weipong, in September 2022 Just a little after its 1st birthday, sales through the Bigbox factory in Wellington/Somerset have reached the £1 million milestone. Whilst the facility has been up and… Read More

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RH Fibreboard successfully creates cardboard made from crop waste, and its now available for purchase.

22 August 2023

The video footage taken in June 2022 and January 2023 in this blog post are the first production images of their kind in the UK. Across the globe, cardboard producers are carrying out sustainability projects, trying to make cardboard from substances other than paper-based materials. Over the past year, we… Read More

RH Bigbox is now FSC® Certified

28 July 2023

We are excited to announce that we have passed our FSC® annual audit, and added our RH Bigbox facility to the scope. We are now able to produce FSC orders out of our other Wellington based facility. We would also like to thank all our chain of custody suppliers for… Read More

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Working with Kollo Health

20 June 2023

This year, we have been working closely with @kollo health on moving some of their packaging away from stock sizes and boxes available off the shelf to bespoke, printed outers. This fits their products much better and reduces air space. The box resize also offers the flexibility to reduce… Read More