Our Investment Plans

Published - 5th Mar 2020

RH Fibreboard containers Ltd have announced a significant £1 million + investment for a Weipong Venus-1025 flexo folder gluer, complete with Emmepi Group strapping and wrapping systems. The line, which features a three colour casemaker, was ordered in December 2019 and it is expected to be installed in the late summer.IMG 0615 min

This follows a recent installation of a new sample table and a complete redesign of the office areas.

‘The offices needed a significant update, and moving the sample table out of the front offices and into its own design suite in the factory has dramatically improved the admin areas for both staff, customers and suppliers in terms of health and safety. This has created a really professional atmosphere but with the open office structure being kept, we remain friendly which we have always tried to promote’

Further updates on this new investment, will follow later in the year.

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