Our Postal Range

Published - 18th Feb 2022

Due to increasing demand in mailing and box requirements for online ordering, we have launched a number of postal sizes which don’t carryset up charges. Please go to our Postal Boxes page to view these.

Many of our clients don’t buy in significant volume that warrant a bespoke size that can sometimes carry set up charges above and beyond the unit price of the mailer. So we have made this range available as a cost effective means of despatching your goods, if the measurements work with your products.

These plain, 100% recyclable boxes are available in white or brown, and will fit the dimensions of either or large letter or a small parcel profile under Royal Mail guidelines. All of our postal boxes carry FSC® Certification and are manufactured out of our production facility in Wellington.

We can also print these boxes if necessary, so please contact us to discuss. Set up charges and additional unit costs may apply.

Behind our premium range, we do hold other sizes if none of the postal boxes are quite the right size, please contact us if you can’t find the correct size, or require something more bespoke.

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