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Printed Packaging

We specialise in creating bespoke cardboard packaging and complement this with print capability.

rh fibreboard products

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Our in-house design and graphics capability is fully supported by a state-of-the-art TCY printer offering flexographic post print, with the ability to print up to three colour (or four depending on registration). All our inks are water based and produced in-house at our own ink kitchen. We are able to advise on the use of metallic ink and can also print on coated board types. Due to the increase in requirements for shelf ready packaging we have invested heavily in printing to tight registration in very small fonts.

Shelve ready packaging

If you find printed packaging a minefield...

We design and manufacture a broad range of products from transit packaging that may require basic print such as ‘This Way Up’ arrows or something more decorative such as a coloured company logo.

Our in house capability is flexographic (flexo) and is much more cost effective than other processes such as lithographic or digital. This print method uses a flexible plate and rollers which transfers inks to the cardboard surface. Our flexo is generally matt finish, but with a change to the material it is possible to achieve more glossy finishes.

Whilst there are set up charges, printing is worth considering if you wish to protect your product with handling information or apply company/brand logos or colour to your packaging. You may be surprised how cost effective printing is.