Source Trade Show, Exeter 2020

Published - 6th Feb 2020

The source trade show 2020 is well underway, and the vibe is no different from previous years. A collection of passionate food and drink companies doing our South West region proud with their products and services.

There is however one difference which is quite clear as you walk around the stands. Businesses are not only showcasing what they can do in terms of their offer of high quality speciality foods for example, but also they are selling their sustainability projects.

Style Farm’s new ‘world’s first’ solar powered ice cream van, Clipper Tea’s non GM plant cellulose based tea bags and Westaway’s Sausages biodegradable trays are a few examples, but the show exhibitors are littered with ideas and projects to cut plastic and protect our environment.

It’s well worth a visit this afternoon if you are in the area to see what is being done on the ground. You will also see our Cardboard display unit that is currently housing and showcasing the Taste of the West award winners in 2019. Once again, we will be sponsoring the South West Environmental Taste of the West Award

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