Spring News

Published - 24th May 2022

New Diecutter

Installation of Eterna #2 is now complete, its twin has been up and running a few months now, and having the second machine has increased our capacity further on diecutting as we look to supply the growing market, and gives our customers piece of mind that we are well covered through downtime, machine services and busier periods.

Cardboards Green Lesson

Beech Grove Primary School launched back into the new term with a visit from Sales director Steve Gabell. We took in paper reels and materials and the children learned why cardboard is important and how it is sustainable for our planet for their Environment Week. They also explored how cardboard is reusable, renewable and recyclable. The children learned about forestry and trees and interesting information around that, including the tallest tree in England being less than 20 miles away from our factory, just outside of Minehead.

Former business owner Robert Ruffell-Hazell has completed the Bridgnorth Walk Marathon. He raised over £1500 for the Disasters Emergency Committee, he completed the exceptionally hilly walk in 5 hours 19 minutes. We donated £100 to the cause.

Rob Ruffell-Hazell, pictured left, walking to raise money to provide shelter for those fleeing the Ukraine

Saying Hello and Goodbye

With our New RH Bigbox factory now in operation, we welcome Stewart Laws as site leader who brings a wealth of manufacturing and print experience to our new ventures. At the same time, after 16 years, we wave goodbye to Darren Williams, our Compliance and Engineering Manager who has been a loyal servant to us here at RH and we wish him all the best.

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