Thank You to Our Team!

Published - 19th Jan 2022

The last couple of years have been a challenge for our team here in different ways for different people. Some have had to cope with new ways of working in more isolated environments away from open offices, others worked additional hours in the factory to cope with demands, and all of our team have had to get used to wearing PPE including visors and masks and deal with temperature changes caused by not using air conditioners or having windows open.

We remained open throughout the lockdown, providing essential packaging products into medical and food industries and supporting businesses with their new products. We are lucky enough that our team understood the challenges and supported the business through out.

Our team at RH have gone the extra mile, and as a thank-you we have made the decision to give employees an additional days holiday every year by giving them their birthday off, and giving them a small gift at the same time. MD Sean Baxter said ‘As many businesses will know, it’s been difficult to source labour for some time, and we are lucky and proud of our workforce here in Wellington and this is maybe a small thing we can do to repay some of that loyalty’

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