This is Not a Stitch Up…

Published - 21st Oct 2022

Actually it is.

It’s all systems go here at RH Bigbox as our Gazzella Atlantique Stitcher is now in full production mode – already gluing & finishing large cardboard cartons and sleeves used for exporting and delivering heavy goods!

The Gazzella Stitcher is the first of its kind in the UK due to the automation advances on the take off section, and the shear height of the machine which needs to cope with our palletisation requirements.

This week, cardboard packaging from RH Bigbox machines has been delivered to some of our trade partners, and also customers across the Westcountry for a variety of different sectors – including food, electronic, medical and engineering! Thanks to the Gazzella, we have also produced packaging to protect large server cabinets during transit, and even to encase commercial catering machines.

With that being said, our design department and account managers have also been busy on site visits, providing large format packaging concepts and ideas. (Trial orders from our clients are now in place based on these designs!).

This coming week the RH Fibreboard team are turning this concept into a real life solution for the furniture sector as we await the outcome of its performance in transit.

Please contact us with any packaging needs you may have, we will always be happy to help and advise.

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