Warm Glass turn the heat up on recycling

Published - 17th Oct 2018

Some businesses have sustainability at the core of what they do. Just outside Wrington, North Somerset, lies the UK’s largest retailer of fused glass supplies. Since 2005, Simon Gue, the owner of Warm Glass Ltd, has taken responsibility to source recycled and recyclable packaging for his business.

With the pressure of plastic reduction campaigns rightly forcing businesses to proactively re-evaluate their activities, Simon and Warm Glass formulated and actioned a new packaging sustainability plan in early 2018.

A long-term customer of RH Fibreboard, Simon felt there were more options for the use of paper, cardboard and corrugated based alternatives to plastic – a more sustainable option with a well-established recycling loop.

Since early 2018, Warm Glass has achieved the following:

  • Reduction of plastic packaging use by 95%
  • 100,000 plastic bags taken out of the packing process
  • 100 kg of bubble wrap a week is now not going to make it to landfill.
  • Paper, paper bags, shredded cardboard and cardboard fitments used as alternatives

Warm Glass aims to go to paperless orders and picking in the near future too.

Simon has always defaulted to the use of cardboard for transit packaging, fitments and fittings as he is acutely aware of the cost effectiveness, strength and protection it gives the fragile artisan glass he produces. This coupled with the sustainability element of using paper based products and his commitment to the environment ensures that he has got his despatch packaging in good order. #converttocorrugated

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