Welcoming Matt Acott to the RH Fibreboard Team

Published - 6th Jan 2022

Please join us in welcoming Matt Acott to our team here at RH Fibreboard. Our new Design Manager brings a wealth of experience in packaging design and technology. As we move into 2022, like us, Matt is looking forward to new challenges in driving the business forward and capturing opportunities for innovation, system enhancements and adapting to the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. Matt has worked for both small teams and major international corporations and we look forward to being able to utilise his knowledge and skillset to help cope with the additional demands that are placed on a growing business.

So far, midway through week 1, Mat is currently finding his feet learning how to use the Kasemake Cad sample table and software and being introduced to the rest of our team including the other existing department members, Kim and Joel. Design is a key department here at RH, providing an essential link to both the commercial side and the operational side of the business. The business has seen a massive influx of enquiries, and a whole new way of working over the past year as suppliers and customers have become more virtual. We are excited about the potential that Matt brings to the business enhancing a team across all our departments that we are already hugely proud of.

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