Working with Kollo Health

Published - 20th Jun 2023

This year, we have been working closely with @kollo health on moving some of their packaging away from stock sizes and boxes available off the shelf to bespoke, printed outers.

This fits their products much better and reduces air space. The box resize also offers the flexibility to reduce internal packaging, as well as giving a ‘multi-height option’ for when they need to ship more or less products using the same carton. We are really pleased that Kollo Health love the products we have manufactured (as shown off by Amber and the rest of the team).

Off the shelf boxes and stock sizes serve a purpose, particularly for businesses that have relatively low volumes or a huge range of different sized primaries at low volume. However, when businesses grow, as is the case with Kollo Health, the switch to bespoke boxes can be an absolute necessity in terms of finding packaging which is cost effective for volume, ensures there is minimal packaging waste, and also gives the opportunity for branding, in this case a one colour flexo print.

From the outset, the team at Kollo have shown a passion for packaging (as shown by the pure excitement in the images!), a concern for sustainability and a focus on using materials from responsible sources, which is why the outers are also covered by FSC® chain of custody (licence code FSC®-C134635)

If you would to talk to us about making the switch to bespoke outers, sustainable packaging or any other issues in relation to boxes and packaging, please do get in touch (

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